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COBRA GOLF presents its new range of irons FLY-Z

COBRA Golf today announced the launch of Fly-Fly-Z and Z XL, extended family Fly-Z for golfers of any level range irons. These new irons bring them more experienced, distance and accuracy every time.


Inspired by the line of wood Fly-Z, Irons Fly-Z are distinguished by the revolutionary technology of Speed Channel COBRA - visible groove placed on both the cavity behind the face and the sole to absorb the impact and recover for go further, thanks to increased ball speed. Modern geometry of the heads of irons, along with higher speeds thanks to the Speed Channel technology, give more speed on the face and provides the best combination of distance, feel and tolerance.

The remarkable feeling is due to the sound cavity provided a thermoplastic urethane insert, positioned directly behind the impact area to absorb vibration and improve typing feel at impact. Associated with ultra deep cut and a wide tolerance of the heel to the tip (Zone Weighting Technology), the Fly-Z irons really change the play.

The Fly-Z irons are available in colors black, white, blue, orange series. Composition series contains 5-PW (€ 549 PVC / steel); 5-PW (PVC € 649 / graphite regular) and 5-SW (PVC € 749 / graphite lite). The irons feature a shaft 95 g FST steel (stiff or regular) or Matrix Graphite (stiff, regular or lite) with Lamkin grip - REL 3GEN. On sale January 19, 2015.

Irons Fly-Z XL oversized classical geometry put the players confidence at address for an « easy distance » through trajectories systematically higher. The dual cavity strongly lowers the center of gravity and thus offers an easy typing with extreme tolerance. The hollow construction also allows for a thinner face which, combined with the Speed Channel technology increases the speed of the ball and throws it at great distances effortlessly. Progressive offset makes the draw.

Series Combo Set Fly-Z XL combines two different cavities. Wedges - 9 iron incorporate a classic cut gives the precision and control of the golfer, while models of the 8 iron - iron 4 are distinguished by a double cavity, which lowers the center of gravity to hit the ball box and launch higher and further. Series Combo Set with dual cavity irons, also includes two hybrid Fly-Z XL that provide distance, tolerance and exceptional ease of play.

Series irons Fly-Z XL (€ 519 PVC / PVC and graphite regular € 599 / graphite lite) is available in the following composition: 5-PW in regular flex and 5-SW flex lite, for right and left handed models. Series Combo Set Fly-Z XL (749 PVC / graphite) is characterized by a Matrix Graphite shaft. This is a series of 4-5H (graphite), 6-SW (graphite) with regular or lite flex models for right and left handed (custom). All irons Fly-Z XL grip COBRA Lamkin REL EPDM

Combo Set Fly-Z XL series is available in models for women. It comprises a set of 4H, 5H-6 with SW. On sale November 17, 2014.

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