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Couples and the 2016 Ryder Cup

Always the impact of the defeat of the Americans in the Ryder Cup, which eventually had more serious than we could have imagined consequences. Tom Watson aside, Ted Bishop removed, a Task Force appointed, the side effects are important in the Americian staff and the settling of scores are numerous.

The name of Fred Couples has been cited as a possible remedy. He captained the victorious three times in the Presidents Cup in 2009, 2011 and 2013, played five Ryder Cup and was the assistant to Davis Love III at Medinah. According to him, the creation of a Task Force of 11 saviors of the nation is exaggerated.

« I especially think that we should not panic. We do not need this task force. We just need more experienced players tell us what kind of captain they need. « … » At first glance, what has been lacking in the management of Tom Watson and needed players is that surrounds them, they are tenderly cradles. « 

He also criticized Tom Watson failing to play Phil Mickelson on Saturday. Serious mistake in his opinion. « If Phil is my team and I’m captain, he plays on Saturday for sure. If we have lost so much in doubles, is that Phil was not there. That, I’m sure. « 

He admits it would be very honored to be the next US captain.

« This is in my opinion not so difficult, even if the decisions are more complicated to take in the Presidents Cup. What we need is more fun, and that comes with winning. »

He also admits that it’s not because Europeans are more friends and more close together they won. The winning combination McDowell-Dubuisson was long prepared by the European captain, which is a great advantage. And then he adds ironically that the next captain does not really need to be a golfer.

« The captain did not really need to know everything about golf. All players have their coaches, they have their dietician, they have their habits, their shopping cart, they know by heart the way. What will I tell them about their course? To play a 5-iron or putter a little more to the left?  »

And lastly, this profession of faith: « The only thing I see to tell me is that I do not intimidate players, I do not make them nervous, I realize instead because I am more relaxed one of them.  »


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