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Ted Bishop dismissed the PGA

Thus, Ted Bishop will not two full years as President of the PGA of America. Comments on Poulter, he treated the day before yesterday « girl » (lil girl) were the drop of gall that broke the camel’s already full, because the president was less discreet than its predecessors. Weakened by his decision proved wrong to appoint Tom Watson at the head of the US team for the Ryder Cup, his repeated provocation towards Poulter did not like his peers.

The Board of Directors of the PGA has decided to prematurely terminate the mandate of Bishop, a month before its expiry. Is the Vice-President who will Derk Sprague interim until the election on 22 November.

In a statement released by Bishop Friday night, he again apologized for his comments, that he had refused to resign despite pressure from the PGA and had been removed by a vote of the board. It will not be the honorary president, although this is unusual for an incumbent president. « We must be exemplary. So we apologize in respect of any individual or group who would have felt insulted by these unfortunate statements, « commented Derek Sprague.

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Florida (October 24, 2014) -. PGA of America Board of Directors today voted to remove Ted Bishop, the 38th president of the PGA, its functions for statements based on gender insensitive posted yesterday on social media. The Council considered that the remarks be inconsistent with the policies of the PGA.

« The PGA of America has the huge responsibility, it must lead this great game and enrich life in our society through the course, » said CEO of the PGA Pete Bevacqua. « We must demand of ourselves that we do golf both welcoming and inclusive for all those who want to experience, and everyone at the PGA of America must lead by example. »

Accordance with the articles of the Constitution of the PGA Vice President Derek Sprague was appointed interim president of the Association until November 22, when the election of new national officers held at the 98th Annual Meeting of the PGA. PGA Secretary Paul Levy will assume the dual role of vice president and secretary until the election.

« Members and Apprentices of the PGA of America should meet the highest standards and values ​​of the profession, and how we conduct ourselves at all times, » said Sprague, general manager and PGA Director Golf Malone (NY) Golf Club. « We apologize to any individual or group who felt diminished in any way by this unacceptable incident. »

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