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Oakley Golf, obvious

Well, not so obvious that a priori. Oakley is initially preferred brand surfers, snowboarders, skiers, all board sports or extreme sports Hypercool. But a golfer, this is not cool at all, and in fact far, it is often extremely stressed.

Yet, since the double signing of Zach Johnson and Bubba Watson recently, we say that the California brand is made to impose on the fairways, it will be good to see golf as a team to renew a standard too conventional fans of the little white ball. And indeed, shoes, of course glasses, clothing, accessories, the range is growing with great success. As if it was expected.

Golfers and designers Oakley products could only meet around a common perfectionism and a shared taste for innovation. And everything becomes clear when the seat of the company we visit.

The « Design Bunker » looks like a ready to fly Foothills Ranch, California spaceship. It’s a real bunker indeed, because as any company based on innovation, particularly Oakley protects its products and processes.

In the lobby, wait for the tour guide in an authentic ejection seat fighter. We are in the original design, offbeat, funny and intelligent, as the products of the brand.

« We are different, » says marketing director Nathan Strange. « We are different, » repeated all employees of the company. And indeed, just look at the now famous video of Bubba Hovercraft for sure.

Oakley’s reputation and its advanced technology began with technical glasses for raids and extreme sports. Since David Duval and Annika Sorenstam in the early 2000s, Oakley has managed to adapt any technological edge in eyewear market for golfers, and we now wonder how we could play without this essential protection. Comfortable, precise, they are perfectly suited to the game of golf. In addition they remained displaced from their design, and golfers have become cool as desired by Oakley.

Now the required technical courses have been added to the range of glasses. Here, for example, to keep Bubba for the 2014 PGA Championship polos, jackets, pants, accessories, everything is both stylish and innovative. Bubba says so often that he is proud to be consulted constantly by the Oakley team, and that his opinion is fully associated with the brand innovation policy.

So Oakley in golf, simply because the Oakley team thought it could make only his touch to the world of golf equipment. That is fact, and it seems set to continue.

COOOOL, … Oakley.

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