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Mark O’Meara and Laura Davies winners of the 2015 Hall of Fame

Each year, great champions of the past recent or enter golfing legend thanks to their appointment to the World Golf Hall of Fame. Very serious criteria and allocation of strict points allow the annual selection of some famous figures of our sport.

Wednesday is Mark O’Meara, double Major champion, and Laura Davies, who dominated women’s golf for a long time, who have been appointed to promote the 2015 World Golf Hall of Fame. The AW Tillinghast renowned architect and twice winner of Major David Graham also will be inducted with them in Scotland on July 13, just before the British Open 2015 will take place at St. Andrews.

Mark O’Meara is 16 wins PGA, one more than Fred Couples who is already in the Hall of Fame, three victories on the European Tour, a US Amateur (1979) and two Major (1998 Masters and British Open).

Laura Davies is 20 LPGA victories and 45 all-time record on the women’s European Tour. She won four PGA Championships Majors in 1994 and 1996, the US Open 1987 and the Du Maurier Classic in 1996.

As for David Graham, a contemporary of Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson, he won eight PGA to his credit, including the US Open 1981 and the PGA Championship 1979 was also captain of the first Presidents Cup in 1994, has now 68 years old and had to interrupt his golf career in 2004 due to a heart attack.

These elections are obviously a great honor for the winners, who thus enter into the history of golf.

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