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Tom Watson and the battle of changing rooms

This is not to shoot the ambulance, or to push a second time under the bus, but it’s not a secret that Tom Watson was not the best with his players. He is accused of not having communicated well with them, not to have mobilized on a clear, for neglecting the emotional and human relationships necessary to the success of such an undertaking. And some awkwardness did not help matters, according to the sports channel ESPN, which investigated the case.

On Saturday night, in front of all the players, caddies, wives and leaders of the PGA or forty people, Tom Watson slammed the delivery of its players (« You stink at foursomes, » that could be translated as « You stink in foursomes »). Coaches of other sports must tell the other half of the matches, but the assembly was then very open and many witnesses were shocked. Another area of ​​debate, he refused the gift of his players, a replica of the Ryder cup signed by the whole team, not saying that this gift meant nothing to him, that was the real Ryder Cup that he wanted them to offer him. According to witnesses, it sent a chill.

ESPN The survey also unveiled intervention Mickelson criticizing his captain during the final press conference. Mickelson’s reproaches were mainly on the lack of player participation in decisions concerning the team.

Many would have preferred the dirty laundry to be washed with the family. We learned about it after the stormy meeting in the evening on Saturday, Phil Mickelson had called each player had comforted, explaining why the team needed him. Lefty had so taken over and made what many coaches need to do to re-mobilize the troops before the final sprint. It was the carrot instead of the stick, told a witness at the scene to GolfChannel.

These revelations explain the intervention of Phil Mickelson at the final press conference. All this seems to prove that he did not speak it that his name, but he was the leading spokesman of the team.
Tactically, too, Lefty thus positioning itself for 2016, no doubt.

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