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Rory and Peyton in a locker room …

As we told you yesterday, Rory attended the football game for the Broncos on Sunday night. He was the guest of Peyton Manning, the quarterback of the team. He was able to follow the pre-game and the meeting itself the lawn in the front row.

After the match, he again found Manning for a friendly picture. In this photo gathered two sports that combine still $ 51.4 million of earnings for the past year.

From the photos posted, we can imagine the scene as the theater, sometimes funny and sometimes serious dialogue …

Manning  : I’ve played Cherry Hills a dozen times, but I have never done four putts to 12.

McIlroy  : Very funny. And beyond that?

Manning  : I won 27.1 million dollars last year. And you?

McIlroy  : Just 24.3 million. But that was before winning two Majors. And I think I’ll pick up another $ 10 million next week.

Manning  : Nothing to say, touched cast in terms of profitability.

McIlroy  : In terms of the game, by cons, you were great, and thank you to the guests.

Manning  : You still would have put me in the Pro-Am in exchange.

McIlroy  : Yes, it’s true. By cons, no thank you if there is a pro-am American football …

Manning  : You look a little younger with your hat, you funny hair …

McIlroy  : You seem a little smaller on TV, or I …

Your turn, all it takes is a little imagination …

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