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Elin Nordegren, beautiful, young, rich and single … again

Elin Nordegren, the name probably tells you something. Popular with Americans and therefore highly publicized across the Atlantic, this young 34 year old woman is none other than the ex-wife of Tiger WOODS and the mother of his two children.

Last May, Elin had earned his degree in psychology after nine years of university. Indeed between custody, child sex scandal of her husband then Tiger WOODS, then the divorce, Elin took a little behind in his studies.

A divorce in which the Tiger lost some hair since he had to pay back nearly $ 100 million to Elin (74 000 720). With this Argen, t Elin has built a beautiful home in Palm Beach.

For over a year, the former wife of Tiger had found happiness with the billionaire 56 years Christopher Cline, whose fortune is estimated at $ 1.4 billion (!), But this love story is now complete . Elin will be without the yacht, the ranch and the submarine personnel of his billionaire.

Stay tuned, and heart to take …

Lindsey, Tiger Tiger and children

Elin and the two children she had with Tiger



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