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Jason DUFNER is a grown up now !

Yes this little blond two years is actually Jason DUFNER!

- I’m not smiling, I do not like to show my emotions.

Jason Dufner is nicknamed « Poker Face » by our American friends because he rarely shows his emotions. Except perhaps to make faces …

- I have a very beautiful woman, smiling very  unlike me …

In fact he is married to the lovely Amanda.

- My head is a cartoon character

Despite her …

He is also the inventor of Dufnering:

- I won the PGA Championship

Yes yes 2013! It will present next week’s title game

- I started golf at age 15

In this age where almost younger, Jason DUFNER preferred basketball and American football.

Today is an American hardcore fan of Auburn football team

- I hate tomatoes

It has no pictures to prove it but after his wife he hates that!

- And this is my favorite toy:

Jason DUFNER cars, here is his   Dodge Challenger, it also has a white Cadillac Escalade (see below)

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