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Test club : Putter Scotty Cameron Futura X™

Today is Richard de Nantes who tested for us Putter Scotty Cameron Futura X . following evaluation:

Richard Index : 1.6 Model : Putter Scotty Cameron Futura X 34 “midsize grip

Price:  350 Euros (find this putter on sale in the shop Golf-Zone  here )
For optimal effectiveness, stability unusual and a great ride, the Scotty Cameron Futura X ™ has a unique design. It combines face with peripheral weight distribution and a balancing bar with weight on each side. Result, the position of center of gravity and the MOI (moment of inertia) offer a high stability of outstanding movement, great typing accuracy and perfect tolerance. With the qualities of touch in the great tradition of Scotty Cameron.
  • Stability in the movement through the balancing depth and high MOI bar.
  • Tolérence touch and impact with the weight toe and heel in the face.
  • Back to square with the weight placed deep that perfectly balance the action of the face.
  • Precision machining with a shell and benchmarks 6061 T-shaped for perfect alignment and easy.
  • Tone advanced machined with particular texture of the central portion of the face.
  • Alignment and square appearance thanks to smooth and round neck double curvature.
  • Neat with glossy titanium finish and red graphics.
  • Grip Pistolerio whose shape provides hands constant sensations.
Loft:  3.5 °
Lie:  70 °

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