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Rio : waiting for the green

At the beginning of the year Gil Hanse said: « Hopefully we will have the sprinkler in March and we can start making the greens. »

But all did not go as planned … The work was long overdue!

This week alone, the sprinkler was activated and the grass beginning to grow on the fairways!

« Planting grass is the last phase of construction for each hole on the course, you must complete the earthworks, irrigation and finishes. » said Agberto Guimaraes , director of sports Olympics in Rio.

Even optimistic designer Gil Hanse observation: « The beginning of the phase of planting grass is a very important event in building a route. We are very excited to begin this phase and focus on the details and finishes that will make this journey so special golf. « 

 » For the grass grow properly, it takes about 11 weeks. This means that the field will be ready for the world’s best players in 2016. However, in general we organize competitions « Tests » about a year before the games to make sure everything is ok. If all goes as planned, the grass will be ready in April or May 2015, and then it will take several months for the course matures. « 

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