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Julien BRUN on the PGA TOUR this week

Current number one amateur French, Julien is a player both very talented and great humility. Very discreet. At 21, he was invited twice to the Open de France, and in 2012 even won a tournament on the Challenge Tour, the Allianz Golf Open Toulouse Métropole, becoming the sixth amateur in history to win a tournament on the Challenge Tour.

The young champion native Antibes decided two and a half years to evolve in the United States to juggle his career as a golfer and his studies at the Faculty TCU in Fort Worth, Texas. Its U.S. performance has allowed him to have an invitation to the Crown Plaza Invitational being held this week at Colonial.

The course of the Colonial , Julien knows well since he used to play every week with his team mates University.

« I’m very excited, » said Julien, who is about to participate in his first PGA TOUR. « I know very well the course … Play the crowd is going to be great! »

We will closely monitor the performance of this very promising young golfer from tomorrow.

To learn more about Julian, here is the interview we were given last December during the Christmas Cup in Valgarde.

What made you decide to leave for the United States?

« I left the United States because it was only there that I could combine playing golf at a high level and the pursuit of higher education.

For golf first. At 19, I thought I still had not the level to go pro right away. I wanted to toughen me even as an amateur. I played a bit of everything here in France, and I decided to go elsewhere. And as the United States is THE home of golf, I decided to see how things were going there. « 

« But as for studies. I consider education as a very important part of my training and my studies are close to my heart. It is very important for me to get my degree, and I also think that it can bring me a lot to continue my career with confidence. Because to earn money golf must play very well. I hope this will be the case, but the U.S. level is very high, and it is obviously not immune to injury. « 

What major differences between golf in France and the United States?

« In the United States the sport is king. It is cultural, rooted in attitudes, everyone played sports and everyone is interested in the sport. And golf is one of the most popular sports. There are 40 million players and golf courses everywhere, for example, a hundred less than an hour around my university. It’s just outstanding. And golf is much more publicized there. If you’re pro golfer, people are really appreciative because you represent the elite in a highly developed and very exposed there in all media sport. « 

A typical day of training at the University?

« There is first class, about three hours a day, then of course. And we have sports sessions between two and four times a week. « 

Your medium-term projects?

« I want to stay in the United States, turning pro and evolve on the American circuit. « 

And your presence here for the Christmas Cup?

« This is my first participation. This is really great, the atmosphere is great. We meet around our passion for golf, our pleasure is seen and communicated to the public and children. In addition, there are good golf, good players are present. I had already come last year, but I had a last minute change. I had not played this course for 5 or 6 years. I was there doing some great prices, but in general I’d rather play in Cannes when I’m there. It is also great to find the friends, because with the schedules of each other, it’s hard to see. And as the formula is a great game, both sides two colors together on the course, it is a real pleasure. « 

Many specialists promise a bright future Julien Brun at the top of his sport … In any case, if his golf game is indeed exceptional, wealth and discretion of his personality are not less. A player to follow absolutely.

Caroline Jdd

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