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OnCore Golf, a start-up that offers golf equipment is the only one to sell the golf ball MA-1.0

The technology that has enabled the realization of this ball meets the requirements of the USGA is simple to understand, if not to achieve. The idea is to introduce a hollow metal core in the polymeric structure of a golf ball. The result is obvious. Less “sidespin” during the flight, less likely to deviate from its initial direction the ball is designed to fly straighter than any ball on the market today.

The next step following the prototype was just as difficult. It was this revolutionary technology receives the compliance agreement USGA. This has now been done and this allows the marketing of this highly innovative ball.

“We are obviously delighted with this approval,” says Bret Blakely, president of OnCore Golf. “Our project is to advance the approval on the golf course while respecting the official standards. On links especially our ball can improve the enjoyment of the game for golfers of all levels. “

And now? “We have a large number of new products that are already developed and that may surprise golfers. Our program is to keep the focus of our research needs and desires of players. “

To be continued …


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