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The little queen of fairways

We often struggle to find time for both exercise and golf. And for some, golf is a sport that lacks a bit of … intensity and physical density. Do not worry, Golf Zone investigated, and we have the solution that we found at the PGA MERCHANDISE SHOW in January. Let us introduce you to the Bike Golf. Instead of pushing, pulling, carrying your bag or make your golf cart in, you can opt for this bike-fairway (VTF), designed specifically to prevent damaging the ground.

The principle is very simple. You hang your bag on the back of the bike, you type your shot and you ride to your ball. The   Vinoy Renaissance Golf Resort in St Petersburg was the first to adopt these golf carts competitors bikes. The side effect, of course, this is also a way to accelerate the pace of play Several golf courses have already ordered!

Marketed by   Higher Ground Bicycle Company,  Golf Bike adds to the many alternatives to conventional trucks such as  Golfboard  (sort of electric skate), the  Mantys  (kind of electric scooters), the  X9 Follow  (a robot) or the hovercraft Bubba Watson. (See below)

Anyway, the Bike Golf is among all these means of locomotion in the most economical alternative and more environmentally friendly. But by what we saw a colorful group of cyclists hitting from tee to green, or our partners equipped with shorts and jerseys Gitanes with tubes replacement cross on their backs, there is a cultural revolution lead! Especially a further question arises: How do the caddies? A tandem is it in development? It would be a good idea also to animate scrambles or greensomes. Expected proposals from designers. This can be very dramatic if we paddle attached to the balls a little lost in water hazards.

We follow the case, nose to the grindstone.



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