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Rose loses two points at MIKADO

Thirty minutes after entering his final putt on the 18th hole, Justin Rose found himself added a 2 points penalty. Meanwhile, multiple viewings of the action filmed by three cameras from different angles and a call from a viewer on the other side of the Atlantic. The reason?

Rose had violated Rule 18-2b. So he took a penalty point by moving the ball at address, and another for not having replaced.

The scene was on the 18th green when the ball was placed in an area rather « spongy ». When the English player is set to address chipper, he thought he saw his ball move. Almost immediately the giant screen replayed images, while Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose have both said that in fact the ball had not moved.

Even after the replay images, Rose and tournament officials have confirmed that there had been no movement. But before he could sign his card, David PROBYN, an official with the Tower who was watching the replay in England, called the organization to say he had seen the ball move. So it took several viewings of several different cameras to determine that indeed the ball had indeed moved « by a whisker », in the words of Justin ROSE.
Shame for Rose who has signed a double bogey on the hole.

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