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Nobody knew about the wedding, not even the guests!

The marriage of Adam SCOTT was so secret that even the guests were surprised!

One day after the terrible announcement (for the female) the marriage of Adam Scott and Marie KOJZAR Swedish architect, we do not know the circumstances of the earthquake.

For several months, the two lovebirds preparing their wedding. Only their parents were in the secret.

The U.S. Open champion Justin Rose, one of his best friends, was invited to a « party. » He could not go, and apologized. Too bad it did not know that ittle marriage of his friend!

« We just said we had a party, and told people to come. But they had no idea what was going to happen! So it was fun with Marie organize it, manage everything for the ceremony is a real surprise. « 

As for Rory, who announced his engagement to Caroline Wozniacki on twitter on December 31, he said he was informed last month:

« We knew, but I do not know how he managed to keep the secret for so long. I had breakfast with him this morning, it’s cool to be able to congratulate him. He told me that he had to lie still and be quiet. « 

But obviously, the small cachoterie lasted longer than expected!

« We just wanted to keep it a secret for a day, and we have not told anyone that it was secret! But out of respect, people did not announced before me. So they did not uncover anything. « 

Nevertheless, the Players, he did toujourspas alliance finger …

« We have alliances, but I’ve never played with a ring! So I was not going to start this week. I’ll see if it bothers me or not. « 

As for the marriage proposal, nothing romantic Well, it was more about how the conversation just happened. And for the honeymoon? The couple lives half the year in a heavenly place where many couples only dream of spending their honeymoon, so …

« We do not need a honeymoon, we are all the time on our honeymoon! We have no plan, no particular project, we live day to day. « 

Happiness is as simple as a golf shot.

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