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icher nocera

JO RIO 2016 - Place aux femmes !

Place aux femmes en cette deuxième semaine olympique à Rio de Janeiro. Karine Icher et Gwladys Nocera, arrivées vendredi soir au village des athlètes, débutaient la compétition mercredi.

Tout comme sa compatriote Gwladys Nocera un peu plus tôt dans l’après-midi, Karine Icher termine la première journée de son tournoi olympique avec une carte de 73 (+2). La numéro tricolore était à +4 à deux trous de la fin avant de finir par deux birdies !


Réactions :

Ariya Jutanugarn 65 (-6): “I like (the Village) a lot. Before I came here I had no idea what it’s going to be like. When I got into the Village, I liked it. I love it a lot. I’m a roommate with the badminton players from Thailand and I have had a chance to watch them play a few matches. Pretty good.”


Inbee Park 66 (-5): “I think that this (the Olympic Games) could be the highlight of my career. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity. I’ve won a lot of the major championships but, obviously, in the Olympic Games, you get to only do it once every four years, so being able to be standing here representing South Korea is something very special and very meant to be. (I am) so very happy to be here. It’s a huge honour, and like I said, it could be the highlight of my golfing career.”

Nicole Broch Larsson 67 (-4): “It was fun out there. I didn’t really think about it as the Olympics. It was another round of golf and I tried to focus on my own things. It was different waking up in the Olympic Village instead of in a single room at another hotel. It’s just been a really cool experience so far and I’m really enjoying my time down here. I’ve got my brother and my dad here, and we have a few others from the Danish Golf Union. It’s really nice to get support.”

Candie Kung 67 (-4): “I actually went to Vegas for a wedding before I came here, so I didn’t get here till Monday afternoon. It was one of my best friends from high school. She planned it around me. She thought I had three weeks off. She forgot there’s the Olympics! When I got to the course, it was blowing so hard I couldn’t even walk it.”

Carlota Ciganda 67 (-4): “Watching Rafa (Nadal) is the best. He’s my hero. When you watch that guy playing tennis – the way he runs, the way he fights, it’s just another planet. You can see he’s not playing great, but he still wins. And when he’s under pressure, he plays even better. I had breakfast with him, and without competing 2 ½ months, he won the (doubles) Gold Medal and finished fourth (in singles). We’ve played twice. He loves golf. I think he’s one of the best athletes in Spanish history.”

Aditi Ashok 68 (-3): “I’ve played the Youth Olympics, as well. I’ve kind of had that experience of playing that and it made me want to play in the Olympics as well. This is my rookie year. Getting the experience and playing for India and trying to win a medal for my country doesn’t get better than that. It would be huge for women’s golf in India, because we don’t have that many girls playing and this will definitely boost the popularity of the game in India and that’s what we need. So I hope I can do that.”

Lexi Thompson 68 (-3): “The nerves were there, that’s for sure. It is a whole different feeling, just stepping on that tee, saying that you’re an Olympian golfer. There’s nothing like that. It was an adrenaline rush. Hopefully we’ll get more and more people out on that first tee as the days go by, but it was an amazing feeling to have.”

Gerina Piller 69 (-2): When golf came back in the Olympics, I thought, it’s like, wow, here is my chance to go to the Olympics, and never thought I would be standing here giving an interview about being in the Olympics. It’s just a dream come true. “

Stacy Lewis 70 (-1): “You can’t even compare this to a major. You have majors, you have LPGA events. You can’t even compare it to the Solheim Cup. It’s different. It’s the Olympics. It has a different feel about it. I don’t even know what to compare it to. I think it’s a good thing that it’s different. It doesn’t need to be compared with a major or any of that stuff. It’s its own deal, and you know, we are 60 players here, are forever Olympians, and that’s cool.”

Leona Maguire (Ireland) 74 (+3): Talking about following the men: ““I think for me, the best players in the world are here – that’s their job. That’s not my job this week. I’m just out there to have as much fun as I can and do as well as I can, and that’s up to Lydia and Brooke and Ariya and those girls to show that they are the best players in the world. For me, it’s just a bonus being here.”

Miriam Nagl (Brazil) 79 (+8): Talking about hitting the first Olympic women’s tee shot in 116 years: “It was nerve‑wracking, to be honest. I was very nervous, but what an honour that I could be hitting this shot. It means so much to me – being in my home country and golf being back in the Olympic Games, and (the fact that) I have a little daughter now. It was just very special to me.”

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